This is it. I’ve actually started my blog. An actual blog, a development on the Instagram I’ve been running for a little while now, but where I actually have to write stuff too.

I’ve been talking about doing this forever – anyone who is close to me can back me up when I say I genuinely have been meaning to do this for a really long time. What was holding me back? I think I just wanted to get everything ‘right’ before I started this officially, with a nice logo and header and loads of articles in the bank to whip out when I don’t fancy writing anything, but I’m beginning to learn that sometimes it’s best to just jump in and go for it. So here goes.

IMG_8046An introduction: My name is Leah (as you might’ve guessed…) and I’m a 20-something university graduate living in the UK. I’m vegan so I don’t eat or use any animal products. I eat a primarily wholefoods, plantbased diet, and I’m in love with training and seeing what my body can do. I’m an unapologetic hippie at heart, with a deep love for the natural world and I’m striving to reduce my impact on this planet. That’s me in that photo on the left, smoothie in hand and wearing my trademark big hoop earrings (I’m an Essex girl through and through).

The content of this blog will centre around my main interests – health, fitness and environmentalism. There will be recipes, workouts, zero -waste tips and informative articles about anything and everything that I’m interested in. I will also throw in a few book reviews, podcasts I’m listening to, and brands I love.

There’s so many blogs like this nowadays and that makes me SO HAPPY. Loads of people are taking an interest in improving their health, looking after our planet and living more ethically than the standard consumerist lifestyle promotes. There’s so much more information available now on how to achieve these goals, and I hope I can be another supportive voice in someone’s journey. I get asked quite often what I eat, as well as recipes for my meals (I set up my instagram, @leangreenleah, a while ago and it’s solely food pics) so it’s good to have somewhere to direct people to! I believe that the best form of activism is just setting an example, and hopefully this blog will help to show others that veganism is healthy, that it can be cheap, and that it is possible to live a happy and fulfilling life as a low-impact vegan.

So, hello. Welcome to my blog! Subscribe to stay up to date – there’s lots to come.

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