Plastic Free July: Day One

Today, 1st July, is the start of an exciting month for me. Not only am I going on holiday in a couple of weeks, but I’m also taking on a challenge – I’m going to try and avoid buying or using any single use plastics for the whole 31 days.

Plastic Free July is a charitable foundation whose mission is to encourage people to use less plastic. Plastic consumption has been in the limelight recently, thanks massively to Planet Earth II and the one and only David Attenborough. We have so much to thank that man for! It’s great that so many people are taking an interest in plastic consumption, so this challenge has come at a perfect time for many.

The idea is that you can pledge to take the challenge: To not buy any single use plastics for the month. Yet everyone’s goal may be different, and some may be ready to ditch plastics entirely while others may use this month to work on some of their zero waste goals, such as buying a reusable cup or metal straws. Personally, I’m going to avoid single use plastics wherever possible, and any that I do buy I will collect into a jar so at the end of the month I can see how much I used in total.

The biggest issue I think I will face is my week holiday in Cornwall at the end of the month. This will be my first totally vegan holiday (last year I was vegan at home but caved on holiday as I really struggled with feeling like a burden for people to accommodate). We rely on convenience a lot when on holiday, so things like ready made packets of couscous and sandwiches become a staple for picnics at the beach. I think I’m just going to have to make sure I’m well prepared this year! Also, strawberries are a treat on holiday and we get through a lot of them, so I’m going to have to find somewhere where I can buy them in non-plastic packaging. The British ones taste so good at the moment, they’re really sweet and juicy (and reduced air miles – wooh!).

Are you joining the challenge? You can pledge here and to get some inspiration follow @zannavandijk, @sustainability over selfies, or just search the hashtag #plasticfreejuly. Or grab some cute stickers from @activistickers if you want to spread the word in a creative way!

This month I’ll be posting about plastic free shopping, my favourite zero waste products, and about my attempt at a plastic-free holiday, so subscribe to stay up to date and follow my Instagram for updates. Let me know down below if you’re getting involved 🙂

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