Vegan Holiday in Cornwall

One thing I learnt from a week in Cornwall with my family:

Yoga is AMAZING for surfing.


I’ve been trying to learn to surf every year for the past 3 years or so, but with only one week each year with which to practice, my progress has been limited. But this year was different. This year I’d been practicing yoga consistently for the last 6 months or so, and it did wonders for my surfing ability. I can actually surf now! All that balance practice certainly paid off – not to mention I’m generally fitter and stronger this year, which definitely helps too. I can’t wait to see where I am next year (or sooner – I may make a trip down there in my van soon) (I haven’t yet bought this van, or converted it, but it’s in the works!).

This was also my first entirely-vegan holiday. My transition to veganism was a long process and although last year I followed a vegan lifestyle at home, when I went away with my family I really struggled with feeling like a burden to accommodate. I made the decision to follow a vegetarian diet whilst on holiday last year, as I just wasn’t ready for the confrontation that the vegan label often brings and I didn’t have the confidence to assert my decision.

This year, though, was different. It was so much easier to continue a vegan lifestyle – whereas last year vegan options were few and far between, this year I had an option every time we ate out! Times are changing and I’m so happy to see it.

However, plastic-free July went out of the window. I found it really difficult, and I confess that I put my own desires and preferences first. I wanted all of the processed foods my family were eating, oreos and crisps, foods that I wouldn’t normally eat at home. Yet I know that my transition to a zero-waste lifestyle will also be a slow process, much like my transition to veganism, because I know now that this is the way that works for me and will help me stick to it. Yet despite my ‘failure’, this challenge has made me so much more conscious of my waste, and I have renewed energy and motivation to keep working on this now!

Vegan Eats

Here are some of the places I ate at – these are all omni places as my family are not vegan!


This is an amazing restaurant that we visit every year, and this year we went on our first night as we just couldn’t wait! It has a selection of unusual meat dishes but if you can get past that, they have a good veggie selection. I had the veg risotto, minus the cheese and butter. There was also another vegan option (but I can’t remember what exactly it was, but it involves quinoa…).

Then for dessert they offered me banana fritters with maple syrup and vegan vanilla ice cream (not on the menu). This was so good!


This is a nice little pub with some pretty posh food. The paella can be veganized with roasted vegetables and no butter – to be honest, I wasn’t amazed by it, but it was an option nonetheless! No dessert though, other than a fruit salad…

THE STABLE (Fistral)

This is a chain pizza restaurant with a selection of vegan pizzas. They use Bute Island vegan cheese which is my favourite brand, and they have a couple of salads on offer too. I was super hungry after a day of surfing so I ordered both a pizza and a salad… The pizza is the ‘Hazelnutter’, with caramelised onions, mushrooms, spinach, green beans and hazelnuts – really tasty.

I can’t remember the name of the salad, but it contained quinoa, broccoli, cabbage, beetroot, pomegranate and grape, with a citrus dressing. This wasn’t amazing but it was still nice!

They also have vegan desserts – a brownie, a cider poached pear, and ice cream. I had the brownie and unfortunately I didn’t really enjoy it! It was really quite dry – even my little sister didn’t like it and she’ll eat anything. However, once again, I’m glad they have options.


We decided to try this place as they’re no.1 on TripAdvisor for Truro. It’s a teeny little place that looks like a fast food takeaway from the outside, but we were pleasantly surprised. The menu is pretty meat-heavy at the moment, although they assured me they are changing their menu up to make it more vegan-friendly and they even asked my opinion on ‘clean meat’ as ‘market research’. They do have quite a few options though, and I went with the veg bunny chow – literally curry in a loaf of bread! I’m glad my family were on hand to help me out with all that bread.

The food was delicious and the staff were really lovely.


Special mention to the holiday park we stayed at. We’ve stayed here year after year and I’ve never seen a vegan option on the on-site restaurant menu. This year there were four! Plus a dessert too. I had the falafel burger:

On a different night we went to the slightly fancier Italian on-site restaurant and I was a little concerned that there weren’t any vegan options on the menu, apart from a pasta I guessed would be vegan if without the cheese. Yet when I asked they listed a number of items that could be veganized, and I went with a calzone packed with veggies (using a different dairy-free dough to their usual pizzas). This was so good! But huge, I couldn’t finish it.

Then I had the raspberry and frangipane tart for dessert, with Alpro custard. I was worried as I really dislike frangipane but thankfully I couldn’t taste it, and I drowned it in custard anyway. I would say it was a pretty small portion, but after the huge calzone that wasn’t an issue!

SPROUT (Newquay)

Another special mention goes to this lovely little health food shop in Newquay, just off the high street. They sell a selection of foods, including fresh bread, cakes and treats like these slices: Snickers cheesecake and chocolate hazelnut tart.

They also have lots of zero-waste supplies, and a space to sit and relax. This place has a really positive vibe and I wish I lived locally!

There are some other fully veggie and vegan places, but if you’re ever in Cornwall with omnis then definitely consider checking out the restaurants I listed here.

That’s my week in Cornwall over, and now I’m excited to get back into a routine. I’m overflowing with motivation at the moment so I’m going to try and hold on to it and make some personal progress (and gainz) in the coming months. Lots of exciting things in store!

Can you think of anywhere you’ve been on holiday that you can recommend? Anywhere at all – I’m planning on travelling the world…

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