Chocolate Smoothie (nice cream!)

When I turned around to my mum and little sister, spoons in hand, and said ‘try this!’, they looked at me with an expression of scepticism that can only be worn by those that had been there before. I had in the past promised greatness, taste levels that will blow their minds, only for them to receive a taste of something… unrefined. Recipes that needed work.

Yet the good souls that they are accepted the spoons regardless, and I watched as their expressions changed to one that I had been hoping for. An expression of phwoooaaaaaar from my mum, and of delighted amazement from my sister – followed by a plea for more.

How can something as simple as this proffer such a pleasantly surprising reaction? Because this is basically ice cream, crossed with mousse, crossed with a smoothie, crossed with indulgence – and yet actually good for you. You feel good when you eat it because it tastes good, but you still feel good afterwards because it’s so nutritious and life-sustaining and ugh. Lots of italics = definitely good.

You will need a good blender for this. I got a NutriNinja last year and it’s honestly one of my favourite investments; I use it pretty much every day. It’s powerful enough to blend up frozen bananas without the addition of liquid which is essential for the really thick, ice cream texture. If you prefer more of a drinkable consistency then your blender won’t need to be as powerful and you should use more milk.

The recipe is… just frozen bananas and cacao powder. That’s it. Literally just blend up 2-3 frozen bananas with around 1 tbsp cacao powder (or cocoa powder) and a little non-dairy milk to get it blending. I add in a tablespoon of milled flaxseed too, as I do when I make any smoothie, just for the health benefit.

Its perfect for breakfast, dessert or a snack, and you can jazz it up with some neat toppings. My favourites are chopped hazelnuts and walnuts, strawberries and sometimes a drizzle of peanut butter… hmmmmmm.

Let me know if you make this!

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